Editor’s note: This story originally aired on The World earlier this year as part of the series, “400 years: Slavery’s unresolved history.” It was repackaged on the show again on Nov. 29 as part of a special feature over the holidays along with this story.

Rachel Engmann’s aunt told her there was something at Christiansborg Castle she should go check out for herself.

“She said to me, ‘Oh, you know, you’re interested in culture. You should go to the castle and see.’ She said, “See your name on the wall.” So, of course, my surname is her surname, but when she relayed it to me, she didn’t say our surname; she said my surname.”

Christiansborg Castle is a walled, stone building that stands 3 stories tall on the coast of Accra, Ghana’s capital. The facade is painted so white, it almost seems to glow in the sun.

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