Today, I woke up to this tweet: “Ghanaian reporter who can’t swim joins chase for a pirate ship”. Why would such a person join this kind of chase? That’s the valid question I never asked, because I was not only mentioned in that tweet; I was that reporter.

The essay is the one I promised to write about my experiences working as a photographer for the New York Times on the Outlaw Ocean series. This time, I included more details on the chase: from bouts of sea sickness, my wobbly posture on rubber skiffs and how a school of dolphins brought me in close contact with those I needed to photograph as part of the story.

Here’s a paragraph: “It was the strangest twist of luck: these men whom we had not been able to photograph, wanted criminals, men whose identities even Interpol had not pinned down, stepped into our line of shot. I couldn’t grab my zoom lens fast enough. It was one of those rare moments in this job when it all falls in place.”

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